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Wartime Remembered - The Stradbroke War Memorial

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As the years pass by and as the generations pass on, the names on our War Memorial will gradually become just that – names. There will be no one around to say who they were, what they were like or what they got up to.  Their names will still be remembered every year on Remembrance Day but the sense of who they were will have gone.

One of the most poignant sets of photos and letters, lent to Stradbroke Local History Group for inclusion in the “Stradbroke Village Archive”, related to Donald Moore who was killed in August 1944  aged just 20 years.  In putting the letters and photographs together for display we felt that at least one name on the War Memorial had become more than just a name.  We began to feel that we knew something of Donald as a real person.

We would like future generations to be able to share such knowledge – to know something of the real people behind the names.  To be able to feel a personal connection to Stradbroke’s young men who gave their lives for their country and for freedom.

Mike Readman. Chairman SLHG

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