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Doctors Lane

G 302 Doctors Lane + fire station-1.jpg
Doctors Lane

The Vicarage

girling rectory pic extract.jpg
The Vicarage

Alfred and Faith Clarke

AR Alfred and Faith Clarke girling picture.jpg
Alfred and Faith Clarke nee Thorndyke. Alfred was born 1882 in Stradbroke and married Faith in 1904. THe 1911 census shows them living in Laxfield and working as a baker and confectioner.

Girling and Ellis Shops

G 321 Girlings & Ellises.jpg
Girling and Ellis Shops

The Girling Shop

G 312 Girlings Shop.jpg
The Girling Shop

William Girling and his family

G 305 William Girling & family.jpeg
William Girling and his family.
William was born 1832 to Mary and Anthony Girling in Linstead Pava, Suffolk and was baptised on 17th June of that year. He married Elizabeth in 1864 and they had two daughters: Edith and Miriam.
William remained in Stradbroke for the rest of his life and married Sarah Ann after the death of Elizabeth. He died in…

A country kitchen

G 307 Country Kitchen.jpg
A country kitchen

The Notely family - Church Street

G 308 The Notleys_ Church St AR.jpg
The 1901 census return shows a William Notley aged 75 and his wife Harriette aged 68 living in Church Street. Both William and his wife were born in the village and William was still working as a farm labourer.

The Forge, Queen Street

G 330 The Forge, Queen St.jpg
The Forge, Queen Street

William Girling Shop

G 312 Girlings Shop.jpg
William Girling's - Draper, Grocer and photography shop.


GS30 girling field haymaking.jpg
Haymaking - William Girling picture


Barnes Farm

G 319 Barnes Farm.jpg
Barnes Farm

Coles Mill from the front

GS06 Coles Mill front.jpg
Coles Mill from the front.

The Ivy House Public House circa 1890

ivy house 1890s GV image.jpg
The Ivy House Public House circa 1890

The Post Office and Church Street

G 354 Post office at Town House.jpg
The view shows the light hanging from the Post Office - now Town House in Church Street.

Adding the Fire Device to an Automobile

G 301 Fire engine to car.jpg
A group of men studying the attachment of the Fire device to a car.
Getting a horse to the engine house and then towing an engine to a fire took time so towing it by car seemed a good idea. When it became detached during it's first journey and ended in a ditch the idea didn't seem as good. This picture records that first attempt.

Stradbroke Fire Engine from 1843.

G 300 Fire Engine from 1813.jpg
Stradbroke Fire Engine circa 1843 standing in New Street. Girling Photograph.

View From Drapers Hill footpath

aerisal view east pc.JPG
Girling - View From Drapers Hill footpath looking towards All Saints Church and The White Hart Public House.

Skinners Mill

G 339 Skinners Mill.jpg
Skinners Mill off Queens Street.

The Forge, Queen St

G 330 The Forge, Queen St.jpg
The Forge, Queen St. Girling photograph

Girling and Ellis Shops

G WLLM Girling and Ellis shops.jpg.jpg
Church street with William Girling, Draper, Grocer and Photographer, and Ellis's The Butcher.
Girling's shop was in Stradbroke between 1860's and 1907.

Queen Street with a Policeman.(Girling)

G 363 Queen St with policeman.jpg
Girling photograph of Queen Street looking towards Church Street with a policeman in view.

The Girling Shop - Draper, Grocer and Photographer.

Girlings shop toward Laxfield Rd.jpg
William Girling is first seen at the shop in Church street in the 1871 census return and the last time he is recorded in the census returns is in 1901. His contribution to Stradbroke has been a wonderful archive of photographs recording life as it was in his time.