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Celebrating the new Millennium by dancing in the street.

Celebrating the new Millennium by dancing in the street.. The morning began clear but then a damp mist descended.

Celebrating the New Millennium

Celebrating the New Millennium.

SLHG Enjoying each others Company

SLHG work rest and play AR.jpg
SLHG Enjoying each others Company. When Mike Readman retired and came to Stradbroke he advertised in The Stradbroke Monthly for anyone interested in the village history to come round to his home to talk. The house was full and that's where and when the Stradbroke Local History Group began. Since then the group have gathered a large archive of which…

Charles E Clarke in uniform - WW1

Charles e clarke photo1image.jpg
Gunner Charles Ephraim Clarke in Army uniform. Charles died during WW1 on 4th June 1917. Charles was the son of Edgar and Caroline Clarke and the second to last of 9 surviving children. The 1911 census return also shows that there were 3 siblings that did not survive at that time. Home was Chapel Cottages, Charles was shown to be living in Doctors…

William James Chambers (Jim) in Army uniform.

UM005 Wartime - Jim Chambers in uniform.jpg
William James Chambers (Jim) in Army uniform. Jim died on 23rd June 1944 fighting for his country aged 20 years. Jim was the son of Ethel Chambers Nunn.