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Stradbroke Football Club team.

Stradbroke FC team photograph.
Back Row: David Johnson, John Dann, Unknown, Derek Smith, Lesley Potter, Terry Banham.
Front Row: George Cooper, John Pearl, Michael Ellis, Paddy Banham, Alan Johnson.

Tony Leftley and David Cattermole playing bowls at Skegness.

Tony and David at the National Federation Bowls Championships, Skegness -2005.

The Leftley Family

The Leftly Family gather outside The Ivy House for a group photograph. Elizabeth and Fred Leftley - seated in the middle of the picture - were the publicans at the pub.

The Obituary for Fred Copping

The Obituary for Fred Copping who died in 1970 at the age of 75. Fred was a Fireman and former sub-oficer for 27 years,

Children's Party at the British Legion Hut

Children's Party at the British Legion Hut circa 1950. Tony Leftley is sitting on his grandmother's ( Elizabeth Leftley ) lap at the front of the table nearest the photographer. The lady sitting next to them is possibly Mrs French and further along that side of the table is Harold Morton. - 8th back from the front. Directly behind Harold on theā€¦