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The Queens Head Public House in Queens Street

W178 Queen\'s Street.jpg
The Queens Head Public House in Queens Street. W178

Butchers Arms in Clay Lump

W120 Butcher\'s Arms in clay lump.jpg
Butchers Arms in Clay Lump. W120

The Hunt at Cake Street

W143 Hunt at Cake Street pub.jpg
The Hunt at Cake Street, W143

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Sycamore Corner - Webb c1910

sycamore corner Webb c1910.jpg
Sycamore Corner - Webb c1910 - W105

Tug of War

W137 Tug of War.jpg
Tug of War - Webb 137

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Bee Keeping and Gardening

W140 Bee Keeping and gardening.jpg
Bee Keeping and Gardening. Note the Primary School in the background. W140

Horse and rider at the Court House

W144 Horseman at the Courthouse.jpg
Horse and rider at the Court House - Webb 144

Elegant Haymakers

W150 Elegant Haymakers.jpg
Elegant Haymakers. W150


W156 Policeman.jpg
Policeman - Webb 156

Cole's winning cabbage 1912

W222  Coles winning cabbage 1912.jpg
Cole's winning cabbage 1912 - W222

The Ivy House Public House garden.

W185 Ivy House garden.jpg
The Ivy House Pub garden.W185

Ernie Church - Postman

W164 Postman.jpg
Ernie Church in his Postman uniform. Ernie changed his postmans uniform for a soldiers uniform during WW1.


The White Hart circa 1900

W151 The White Hart.jpg
The White Hart from the east circa 1900. W151

Fire Service - Dennis engine - Webb photograph

W166 Fire Engine.jpg
Dennis Fire Engine. The side plate reads 'Stradbroke Parish Council' and the vehicle is parked outside Clocky Rose's on New Street. W-166

Queen Street under snow. See Skinners Mill in the distance.

W191 Queen st under snow.jpg
A view from the church tower of Queen Street under snow. W191

Looking east under snow

W193 Looking east under snow.jpg
Looking east under snow from the church tower along the Laxfirlf Road, W193

View from the Mill towards All Saints Church

W198 View from the Mill.jpg
View from the Mill towards All Saints Church - W198

View from the Church Tower looking east

W199 From the Tower to the East.jpg
Looking east to the entrance to Doctors Lane with The Old Stables - now a private house - on the corner. Further along Church Street is the Baptist Church. W199

Shelton Hill under construction

W259. Shelton Hill under construction.jpg
Houses under construction on Shelton Hill - off the Laxfield Road.

Tarrif Reform pageant

W213 Tarrif Reform pageant.jpg
Tarrif Reform pageant held during 'Salute a Soldier' week. The main Character was 'John Bull'.

Donkey Cart Tariff Reform

W114.Donkey CArt Tariff Reform.jpg
Donkey Cart Tariff Reform. Webb picture taken in Queen Street with the Church Railings in the background. W114

Polling Day 1908 - Webb

W139 Polling Day 1908.jpg
Polling Day 1908. Celebration in Queen Street, outside today's Harvest Cottage. W139.

Woman in Fancy Dress at the Fancy Fair

Webb Image - Women in Fancy Dress at the Fancy Fair.jpg
Woman in Fancy Dress at the Fancy Fair.