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Barnes Farm Garden.
A woman & three children on a slide.

Barnes Farm Ryans on the slide.jpg
Barnes Farm Garden woman & three children on a slide Likely to be 1952/53 Mrs Ruth (?) Ryan Top - Barry RyanMiddle - Kevin RyanBottom - Martin Ryan All the information sent by Mr Desmond Ryan, Ruth’s husband, dated 30th May 2010, from Vancouver.

Netball Team "Unbeaten 1952-53"

Back row includes
Miss Fleet (teacher), Janet Canham, Eileen Flatman, Marilyn Collett, Mrs Saunders (School Secretary)

Front Row Players include; Daphne Bloom, Eileen Revell, Mary Keeble, Daphne Pipe

Stradbroke Railway Station

This photo was taken on the 19th July 1952.
Characters from left to right are:
Cleaner Harry Howlett, Guard Horace Bloom, Driver Joe Skinner, Fireman Jack Law

1952 'Street Fair' Newspaper Report - Series

report street fair 1952.jpg
A Report dated 23rd November 1952 on The Street Fair held in stradbroke.

The School Football Team 1951-52

reduced school football team stripes 1955.jpg
The school football team photo taken outside the front window of the Primary School. 1951-52