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Football Team

Football Team.
Back row l to r: A Vincent, R Hubbard, N Bellingham, M Ellis, G Vincent, T Bannon, B Boast, H Williams.
Front row l to r: D Smith, D Johnson, J Dann, L Potter, P Bannon, R Mayhew

Birthday party

Birthday party
Details provided via Gordon and Ellen Nunn
Thought to be 1949-50
Round the table from the left:

Ray Hubbard
Gerald Ellis
John Ellis
Michael Hubbard
Ray Richards
John Brundle
Peter Cluff
David Hamel
John Peal
Derek Richards

Standing from the left

Colin Ruffles
Rowland Copping
Tony French
Janet Moore

Circa 1950's Cricket Team

Cricket Team during 1950's.
back to front left to right - Lew Norris, Gordon Nunn, Mike Ellis, Reg Elvin. Mike Prosser, Mike Norris, Alan Morton, Paddy Bannon, Ray Hubbard, Charlie Mutimer, Bert Stewart.