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The Cell Book 1902 to 1907

The Cell Book 1902 to 1907. Includes such crimes as 'Drunk in charge of a horse and cart' and 'Larceny of a dead pheasant.'

Tony Leftley and David Cattermole playing bowls at Skegness.

Tony and David at the National Federation Bowls Championships, Skegness -2005.

Circa 1934 - A group of boys in Boxing gloves

Notes on photos brought in by Roy Noble 8 aug 2000 :-
'Una Meier, the daughter of Ethel and Douglas Nunn came to the flower show last week and lent Roy some photos for copying. She had seen the 24 jun exhibition and wanted us to have some pictures of her (half) brother for the records.
Jim Chambers was a very good friend of Roy Noble, who says…

Children's Party at the British Legion Hut

Children's Party at the British Legion Hut circa 1950. Tony Leftley is sitting on his grandmother's ( Elizabeth Leftley ) lap at the front of the table nearest the photographer. The lady sitting next to them is possibly Mrs French and further along that side of the table is Harold Morton. - 8th back from the front. Directly behind Harold on the…