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Alfred and Faith Clarke

AR Alfred and Faith Clarke girling picture.jpg
Alfred and Faith Clarke nee Thorndyke. Alfred was born 1882 in Stradbroke and married Faith in 1904. THe 1911 census shows them living in Laxfield and working as a baker and confectioner.

The wedding R Barker and G Clarke

wedding R Barker and G Clarke.jpg
The wedding R Barker and G Clarke

The Cross that marked the grave of Gunner Charles E Clarke.

Charles e clarke photo2 grave.jpg
The Cross that marked the grave of Gunner Charles E Clarke. Charles died on 4th June 1917 and is buried at Pont D'Achelles Military Cemetery, Nieppe.

Postcard sent by F Copping to CE Clarke

postcard copping to clarke AR.jpg
A postcard dd 23rd JU? 1916 sent by Fred Copping stationed at Chatham in Kent to Charles Clarke who was stationed at Aldershot, Surrey. Charles did not survive WW1 and is now remembered on the village War Memorial.

Charles E Clarke in uniform - WW1

Charles e clarke photo1image.jpg
Gunner Charles Ephraim Clarke in Army uniform. Charles died during WW1 on 4th June 1917. Charles was the son of Edgar and Caroline Clarke and the second to last of 9 surviving children. The 1911 census return also shows that there were 3 siblings…

In Memory of Gunner Charles E Clarke - WW1

Gunner Charles e Clarke Memorial AR.jpg
In Memory of Gunner Charles E Clarke of the 145th Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery who died on 4th June 1917.

*Remembered with Honour*

Charles Ephraim Clarke was born in Stradbroke 1897 to Edgar and Caroline Clarke who lived at Chapel…

Fire Brigade Group Photograph - series

GS65 Fire Brigade group picture.jpg
Group photograph of the Fire Brigade.
Back row: Basil Hugman, Bob Carrison, Morns, Gerald Clarke Middle row: Roly Copping, George Ward, Ralph Chambers, George Brown and Front Row: Unknown Unknown Ray Fidgett Unknown Unknown Claud Hugman .

Ralph Clarke and Ivan Mower - Secret Army

Ralph Clarke and Ivan Mower - recruited during the Second World War to hold back the enemy in the even of an evasion. They were not allowed to tell anyone of their mission and as young men they had a life expectancy of 10 days should they be called…

News report - Walter Clarke killed bomber crash

BNA Clarke killed bomber crash.jpg
Three Men Killed
‘Plane hurls cart 50 Yards into Field
The report begins:- ‘Three roadmen were killed and a fourth seriously injured when a plane attempted to make a forced landing in a ploughed field near a village in East Anglia yesterday’. . .…

Stradbroke Jubilee Queen - series

Stradbroke Jubilee Queen.jpg
Newspaper report of the crowning of the Jubilee queen reads: 'Stradbroke jubilee queen Carole Clarke chosen at a Stradbroke football club disco with attendants Julia Wint (left) and Yvonne Norris. Carole was crowned by soccer club captain David…