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Circa 1950's Cricket Team

GN006 Sport,People  cricket early 50\'s AR.jpg
Cricket Team during 1950's.
back to front left to right - Lew Norris, Gordon Nunn, Mike Ellis, Reg Elvin. Mike Prosser, Mike Norris, Alan Morton, Paddy Bannon, Ray Hubbard, Charlie Mutimer, Bert Stewart. 

Children's Party at the British Legion Hut

TL06 childrens party BL hut 1950s pos.jpg
Children's Party at the British Legion Hut circa 1950. Tony Leftley is sitting on his grandmother's ( Elizabeth Leftley ) lap at the front of the table nearest the photographer. The lady sitting next to them is possibly Mrs French and further along that side of the table is Harold Morton. - 8th back from the front. Directly behind Harold on the…