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Stradbroke Navy Day 1996.

navy day 96 2.jpg
Stradbroke Navy Day 1996. Davis Varela, Adrian Wright, Dale Knights

Navy Day 2006

Navy Day 2006. Each year a bottle of rum was paraded through the village to acknowledge the end of rum rations in the Royal Navy.
The Church would be dressed in flags with a naval message to the village. At the end of the parade a tot of rum was drunk with a toast to the Queen at the Queens Head Pub. Food, dance, fun and then fireworks followed.…

Navy Day

JEH Navy Day..jpg
Navy Day. The picture shows the stage which was erected outside the Queens Head Public House on Navy Day.
Navy Day began during the 1990s by several customers of the pub when the navy ended the rum ration.
The group matched through the village with a bottle of rum as a demonstration.
Within 10 years the whole village joined in the…