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Doggetts in the snow

GS00 Places - doggetts in winter snow.tif
Doggetts in the snow

Snow in Church Street

GS98 chrch st snow and lorries.jpg
Snow in Church Street.
NB. The fence in front of the old rectory, the phone box, the tractor without a cab.

Ward car in the snow

wards car in snow.jpg
Ward car in the snow

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Doggetts gipsy caravan

GS014 Places - doggetts gipsey caravan  in winter snow.jpg
Doggetts gipsy caravan in the snow.

Stradbroke Railway Station under snow after closure

GS26 Strad station2 closed and snow.jpg
Stradbroke Railway Station under snow after closure.

Queen Street under snow. See Skinners Mill in the distance.

W191 Queen st under snow.jpg
A view from the church tower of Queen Street under snow. W191

Looking east under snow

W193 Looking east under snow.jpg
Looking east under snow from the church tower along the Laxfirlf Road, W193