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F Copping WW1

RC FCopping AR.jpg
F Copping WW1

Army Sergeant Charles Emanuel Hugman 1894 - 1977

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Army Sergeant Charles Emmanuel Hugman Regt. No. 12736 of the Suffolk Regiment
Charles was born on 28 Jan 1894 in Cirencester to Walter and Emily (nee Ward) Hugman. Charles was one of six children.
He joined the 3rd Battalion the Suffolk Regiment…

Fred Boast WW1

BB Fred Boast.jpg
Fred Boast - WW1

Tarrif Reform pageant

W213 Tarrif Reform pageant.jpg
Tarrif Reform pageant held during 'Salute a Soldier' week. The main Character was 'John Bull'.

1944 Pageant 'Salute the Soldier' week - Series

1944 pageant pgi.jpg
'Salute the Soldier' week was held between 1st - 8th July 1944. Openeing that celebration was a pageant held at The Priory - the home of Colonel and Mrs Mayhew.

Harry Tilbrook

BL001 WW1 - harry tilbrook image adjusted.jpg
Harry Tilbrook in uniform during World War one.