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Circa 1934 - A group of boys in Boxing gloves

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Circa 1934 - A group of boys in Boxing gloves


Notes on photos brought in by Roy Noble 8 aug 2000 :-
'Una Meier, the daughter of Ethel and Douglas Nunn came to the flower show last week and lent Roy some photos for copying. She had seen the 24 jun exhibition and wanted us to have some pictures of her (half) brother for the records.
Jim Chambers was a very good friend of Roy Noble, who says that Jim was employed as a farm worker at Hepwood Lodge under Mr Long. He wasn’t interested in the army or Home guard but when Mr long sold up and left the area Jim was called up and joined the army. After training he went to the far east where he died. Roy remembers him saying goodbye when he left for the far east saying “goodbye, you won’t see me again”
Jim and Alfred (Dolfus) Chambers were the children of Ethel Chambers who later married Douglas Nunn

Dolfus was apparently a nickname given by Basil Hugman when Alfred was a baby in the pram. He called him Dolfie (?) and that became Dolfus.
The photo of the boys was taken outside the bungalow in Wilby Road opposite the gates to Hepwood Lodge. Roy thinks the boy on the left may be Fred Leftley (Tony Leftleys father). The second from left is Ken Cole the son of the Coles Mill Coles and next to him is Jim Chambers. The boys are wearing boxing gloves and the Leftleys were very keen on boxing.. The photo was taken around 1933/34 guessed by Roy'








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