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Doggetts in the snow

GS00 Places - doggetts in winter snow.tif
Doggetts in the snow

Doggett's Farmhouse

Doggetts inside 5 -Wendy Holland.jpg
Doggett's Farmhouse - Wooden screen having Apotropaic marks.

Doggett's Farmhouse

Doggetts inside 4 -Wendy Holland.jpg
Fireplace at Doggett's Farmhouse

Doggett's farmhouse

Doggetts inside 3 -Wendy Holland.jpg
The mantle at Doggett's farmhouse

Doggett's farmhouse

Doggetts inside 2 -Wendy Holland.jpg
Doggett's farmhouse mantle

Doggett's Farmhouse

Doggetts inside 1 -Wendy Holland.jpg
The bread oven at Doggett's farmhouse.

Doggetts Farmhouse

Doggetts outside 3 -Wendy Holland.jpg
Outside view of the Barn and Caravan at Doggett's Farmhouse

Doggett's Farmhouse

Doggetts outside 2 -Wendy Holland.jpg
Outside view of Doggett's Farmhouse

The History of Doggetts part 1

doggetts booklet short file 1.pdf
The history of Doggetts was researched by Olive and Rufus de Pinto and Olive put it together as a booklet after Rufus’s death.

Doggetts gipsy caravan

GS014 Places - doggetts gipsey caravan  in winter snow.jpg
Doggetts gipsy caravan in the snow.

Doggetts 1999

Doggetts 1999. The house was in a bad condition but has since been renovated as one private house. It was for many years home to the Boast and Aldous families.

The Boast family at Doggetts

Boast Family at Doggetts c 1900.jpg
The Boast family at Doggetts