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STRADBROKE Witches: Hopkin Trials 1645-47.

"Anne Arnoll; Bet Bray; Anne Wright. Elizabeth Greene of Wingfield (qv) confessed that one Goody Wright of Stradbroke had sent her three imps. Greene’s confederate was probably Anne Wright, separately named as a witch elsewhere in the same…

Stradbroke Navy Day 1996.

navy day 96 2.jpg
Stradbroke Navy Day 1996. Davis Varela, Adrian Wright, Dale Knights

The Cell Book 1902 to 1907

cell bkn1901-1906.pdf
The Cell Book 1902 to 1907. Includes such crimes as 'Drunk in charge of a horse and cart' and 'Larceny of a dead pheasant.'

Football team with a cup

W135 Football team wih cup.jpg
Football team with a cup and Canon Shaw.
back row l-r: Tom Green, Cyril Brown, Rev. Shaw.
middle row l-r: Jack Warne, Joe Amies, Arthur Amies, Fred amies, Bob Wright,
front row l-r: Billy Goodchild, Frank Ward, Aston Briggs