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Stradbroke Navy Day 1996.

navy day 96 2.jpg
Stradbroke Navy Day 1996. Davis Varela, Adrian Wright, Dale Knights

The Cell Book 1902 to 1907

cell bkn1901-1906.pdf
The Cell Book 1902 to 1907. Includes such crimes as 'Drunk in charge of a horse and cart' and 'Larceny of a dead pheasant.'

Football team with a cup

W135 Football team wih cup.jpg
Football team with a cup and Canon Shaw.
back row l-r: Tom Green, Cyril Brown, Rev. Shaw.
middle row l-r: Jack Warne, Joe Amies, Arthur Amies, Fred amies, Bob Wright,
front row l-r: Billy Goodchild, Frank Ward, Aston Briggs